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CUC 2023: Era digitalne zrelosti

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Digital development in Klettaskóli

In this presentation, we will take a look back at the past ten years and discuss how digital development has transformed the school environment in Klettaskóli. We will delve into the challenges encountered when implementing new technology and how teachers must be prepared to accept changes and adopt new competencies. We will discuss the tools we use to increase communication within the school and how digital development has impacted a large group of students in Klettaskóli. Through the use of tablets, computers and other digital tools, students have been able to access a wider range of educational resources, allowing them to learn at their own pace and in a more interactive way. Additionally, we will examine the Eye Gaze technology that has made significant advancements over the past years and has transformed the learning environment for a specific group of students in Klettaskóli. This technology has enabled students with disabilities to communicate and interact with their peers and teachers in ways that were previously impossible. It has also helped to increase the overall engagement of students in the classroom, as they are able to actively participate in the learning process. Lastly, we will reflect on where we are today and how we envision the future. We will look ahead and consider where digital development will lead us as a society and how it will impact schools in the future. It's important to note that with the rapid pace of technological advancements, schools must stay up-to-date with the latest tools and techniques to ensure that students are well-prepared for the digital age. Furthermore, during the presentation, we will also discuss the challenges that have arisen from this digital development. The integration of technology in the classroom has brought new challenges for both teachers and students. For example, the need for teachers to be proficient in the use of technology and the need for students to be taught digital literacy skills. The challenges that we have faced over the last ten years have been many, but with the right approach and support, we have been able to overcome them and continue to make progress. In conclusion, this presentation aims to provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of digital development in the school setting, the challenges encountered and the solutions adopted. The key takeaways for participants will be a deeper understanding of digital development, the challenges that come with it, and our experience, both good and bad, during the past ten years. Relevance for the conference: The presentation is directly linked to the Topic of the conference about Digital development.

Hanna Rún Eiríksdóttir

Hanna Rún is að Spec Ed teacher and communication consultant in Klettaskóli. She’s been working with students with disabilities for 25 years and has been focusing on finding new ways for children to communicate.

Valgerður Marinósdóttir

Valgerður is a Spec. Ed teacher and Social Educator. She has been working in the field of special education for decades and for the last 15 years as a project manager in Klettaskóli.

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