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Unlocking teacher motivation: the magic of sustainable teaching

What does it mean to be a teacher in these days? The key parameters that shape the current educational landscape are complex. Teachers and schools need to provide education that is relevant, effective, and inclusive for all learners and this puts the job of teachers under pressure. We see drop-outs everywhere. On the other hand, there are still so many teachers who love what they do and play a crucial role in the life of young people. What are the factors that decide whether you remain passionate and energetic for the so-called most beautiful job in the world? Bart Verswijvel has an experience of more than 30 years as a classroom teacher and became later a teacher trainer for a European audience. In his talk he will describe a mindset and some drivers that make magic happen in the job of a teacher.

Bart Verswijvel
European Schoolnet

Bart Verswijvel is an independent Belgian educator and expert trainer who works as a Senior Pedagogical Adviser for European Schoolnet in Brussels. He is the pedagogical lead of the Future Classroom Lab, and he is active in a range of European funded projects. He also coordinates the EUN network of Future Classroom ambassadors. As a private education consultant with his company Lernacon, he facilitates professional development for organisations and teachers. Bart designs and delivers online and on-site courses and workshops. He has worked as a course leader at the Future Classroom Lab but also for communities like eTwinning, Epale and on demand for schools and institutes in Europe and the Middle East. Bart is an international keynote speaker and a host of Twitter chats, hackathons, webinars and Teachmeets. He is an expert at the National Agencies of Belgium and the Netherlands. Bart’s power is to spread the joy of learning. Store your knowledge in friends, is his favourite quote.

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